Entry to Underground Mines

Hutti Gold Mine is serviced by three shafts, namely Mallappa shaft, Central Shaft & Village shaft.Both Mallappa & Central are Vertical shafts, with Rectangular Cross Section, while Village shaft is an incline with elliptical cross section

Mallappa Shaft

Mallappa shaft with a cross section of 6.1 m x 2.13 m at the surface has been established up to a depth of 910 m. This is the Main Production shaft and currently handling about 80 % of the total production from Hutti underground. This shaft is equipped with two winders, one Double Drum Winder for transport of men, material and ore/ waste rock hoisting and the other being exclusively used for ore hoisting.

Central Shaft

Central Shaft has a surface Cross Section of 3.76 m x 1.83 m with depth of 871.90 m from the surface. At present this shaft is serving as the second outlet from the underground.

Village Shaft

Village Shaft is an inclined Shaft extending up to 15th level. With the completion of the top-level workings the utility of this shaft will be restricted to only pumping and lowering and hoisting of workmen