Future Plans


The Hutti Gold deposit has been divided into three parts by intrusion of two major dykes. The central part, bound by two dykes in North and South, is present operating area of Hutti Gold Mine. Part of the deposit lying south of the southern dyke is called Hutti South Block. Extensive surface exploration by way of trenching, followed by surface diamond drilling has been carried out with encouraging result, in terms of reserve, as well as grade of the deposit. With a view of detailed exploration, underground mine development was taken up in the year 1983-85. The activity was continued with further exploration by sinking South Shaft up to a depth of 169.90 m i.e. 5th level and occurrence of all the reefs was confirmed by exploratory underground development through South Shaft. To continue the process, the proposal for deepening of South Shaft followed by opening of more levels is underway.


History of Gold Mining in the Hutti Main Reef dates back to 2000 years. Mining in this reef was commenced through two shafts, i.e., Main Shaft and North Shaft. Also, a series of old workings along the strike length of this reef testify to this mining activity. Systematic mining in this reef was started in 1880 and Hutti Main mine was commissioned. The working in this mine continued up to 1920 and was closed thereafter. There had been sporadic attempts to open the Main Hutti Mine (Main Reef). In the year 1951-52, the Main Hutti Mine was reclaimed up to a depth of 450 ft and resampled to assess its grade. Again, during the period 1955-57, the mine was reclaimed up to a depth of 640 ft (195 m) and additional reserve was proved. However, at this point of time, further work in the mine was suspended. Afterwards, it was decided to explore the Main Reef through an existing old shaft, Grey’s Shaft, located south of the Main Shaft. With this objective, the work of Shaft deepening and exploratory development of Main Reef was carried out during the period from January’ 2006 to June’ 2011. In continuation with the above, proposal for further exploration of Main Reef though underground mine development is in the process.