Hutti Gold Mines at Glance

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Location District Raichur, Karnataka.

80 km West of Raichur.
480 km North of Bengaluru.
300 km Southwest of Hyderabad.

Railway Station Raichur, South Central Railway - 80 kms
Mining History

(a) Ancient Mining 2000 years old (Pre Ashokan Times).
(b) Modern Mining - Main Mine during Nizams period. (1902-1918).
(c) Modern Mining - Rediscovery of Parallel Lodes and mining from 1947 onwards.

Present Mine Depth Below 28th level, 933.70 meters.
Nature of the Deposit Archaean lode gold deposit. Shear zones controlled Gold-Quartz-Sulphide mineralisation.
Ore Mined and Gold Produced so far from Hutti Mines. Ore (Million Tonnes) Grade (gm/Tonne) Total Gold (Tonnes)
1. Ore already Mined in the Main Mine(During the period 1902 to 1918) 0.38 19.49 7.41
2. Ore Mines so far from 1948 0nwards in the present mined on the other parallel lodes up to 925 m depth on 31.03.2017. 16.55 4.97 82.18
Total ore mined and gold produced as on 31.03.2017 16.93 5.29 89.59
Ore reserves estimated as on 01.04.2014(Hutti)
Proved & Probable Category up to depth of 842 m @ 2.0 g/t cut off 9.21 5.28 48.99
Present scale of production(2016-17)
Hutti Mine 5.38 Lakhs Tonnes per Annum
Hira Buddini Mine 0.30 Lakhs Tonnes per Annum
Uti Mine 0.003 Lakhs Tonnes per Annum
Total for Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited 5.69 Lakhs Tonnes per Annum

Hutti Mine is the main underground Gold Mine of the Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited. There are nine parallel gold bearing reefs exposed on the surface. Active mining is being carried out in six lodes over a strike length of around 1.3 Km. The parallel lodes have a general strike of NNW-SSE & dips ranging from 60° to 70° due West. Width of the reefs varies from 2.5 m to as wide as 50 m at some places, the average width being 5 to 8 m. The present production capacity of the mine is 0.60 million tonnes of ore @2.67 g/t grade with yield of 1600.79 Kg gold. As on 1st April 2017, Hutti Gold Mine has a reserve of 9.21 million tonnes of ore @ 5.28 g/t grade proved up to a depth 842 m. The relatively small dimension of the existing shafts poses a constraint in introducing larger equipments in underground and enhances production. As part of our expansion programme, we are in the process of sinking one 6 m diameter vertical shaft of circular shape up to 960 m depth. This will enable the mine to lower and commission heavy mining equipments in underground