Evolution of Mining Technology

HGML's production has steadily increased over the years. In this process HGML has been able to develop much needed technological expertise in the field and is preparing itself to take new challenges of growth and development. Over the years, the company has implemented a number of technology updating schemes in mining and processing leading to increased safety and competitiveness of its operations

Hutti Gold Mines started its operation with Shrinkage method of stoping and it continued up to the 15th Level. This method was abandoned because of safety reasons and below 15thlevel, Cut & Fill Stoping was adopted. Since the year 1995, Hutti Gold Mine has completely switched over to bulk mining method of Sub-level Stoping with Large Diameter Blastholes. High capacity pneumatic drills were introduced to keep pace with the rate of extraction of ore.

Over the years small loaders have been phased out and the mine is fully equipped with trackless loaders like Load Haul Dump Units

To match with higher capacity loaders, Rock Breakers and Crushers are installed in underground to reduce the size of boulders before feeding to the skips for hoisting to surface. Major quantity of ore is hoisted by a winder which can be operated in automatic as well as manual mode. This led Hutti Gold Mine to phenomenal productivity and increased safety Considering the need of tomorrow, Hutti Gold Mine has commissioned the facility for filling of stope voids with classified mill tailings produced in the mill. In selective mining areas where ground conditions are not favourable in long term aspect, stopes are filled with mill tailings immediately after extraction.