Uti Gold Mines

This mine is situated 22Kms North East of Hutti Gold Mine. This deposit is explored by GSI, MECL & HGML. HGML has got Mining Lease over 47.96 Haarea. This mine is having nine lodes and HGML started the project-Uti Gold Mine on three lodes, namely Lode No. 2 & 3 and Lode No. 4 (660 m strike length). HGML started open cast mining in Lode No. 4 and it continued up to 90 m depth over a strike length of 300 m. However, open cast operation was suspended due to higher stripping ratio. The remaining 360 m strike length of Lode No. 4 is proposed to be worked by another open pit mine (South Pit). Simultaneously sinking of a new Service Shaft of 3x2 m size is in progress and it has been established up to a depth of 270 m. Also, the existing MECL shaft is under process of deepening. Both these shafts will be used for underground operation of the deposit. Lode No. 2 & 3 had been developed for underground mining through two numbers of exploratory shafts and an Inclined shaft has been sunk up to 165 m length. Sub-level development and production drilling are under progress.