To become one of the most vibrant, self reliant, financially viable and growth oriented organization. The corporate mission is:

  • Mine with a human face.
  • Achieve Operational, Financial and Social objectives.
  • Achieve a minimum of 20 percent return on equity to the shareholders.
  • Improve productivity and profitability of the mine.
  • Introduce measures for cost management.
  • Provide long term financial stability.
  • Generate internal resources for steady growth of 10 percent in production.
  • Register steady growth in terms of percent of capacity utilization, production, income and profitability.
  • Innovative methods of production.
  • Introduction of modern and effective management control systems.
  • Promote harmonious and cordial relationships.
  • Promote welfare and community development in Hutti village.
  • Have environment friendly and healthy mining and production process.
  • Ensure good health and well being of workers, staff and employees.