Hira - Buddini Gold Mines

This mine is situated 20 kms East of Hutti Gold Mine. This deposit is explored by GSI. Based on the encouraging results of the preliminary exploration by GSI, considering proximity and viability HGML has started detailed exploration by trenching, diamond drilling & exploratory mining. HGML has got Mining Lease (ML No: 2578, Period) for 22.18 Ha. Exploratory mine development activities are progressing in full swing and experimental stoping operations have started in 2009-2010. This mine is working as a satellite mine to HGM.

Sub level developments & stope drilling will continue. It is planned to continue the detailed exploration by exploratory mining by shaft sinking below the 6th level. Deep Diamond Drilling (2323.80 m) work is completed (explore the depth persistence of Mother lode) and to explore the parallel lodes identified by surface mapping & trenching.