The Gold Exploration and Mining is a high risky job, hence the aim of exploration geologist should therefore be to adopt the most efficient method or an integration of suitable methods so as to achieve the best results within a short time. Sampling is the process of taking small portion of an article, such that the consistency of the portion shall be representative of the whole. Sample ordinarily denotes something that has been physically removed from its natural location to be tested in the lab.

Exploration and sampling are not only essential in establishing the reserves but also necessary for the rational planning and control of subsequent mining operation.

There are various methods of sampling methods. a. Chip sampling b. Channel sampling c. Bulk sampling d. Grab sampling e. Drill core sampling f. Sampling in Mill site g. Sampling for R & D In this mine, a. In Primary and Stope developments : Channel Chip sampling method is followed b. In Stopes : Channel and Grab sampling method is followed