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Gents day at Hutti Gold Mines Club 2005

Alive to the social responsibilities to the communities in which it operates, the Company provides various welfare amenities, which include Residential Accommodation, Medical Facilities, Co-operative stores, Educational Facilities, Growth of Forestry & Environment as well as other facilities like subsidized canteen, drinking water, power supply, play grounds, community center, food kit consisting of 5 kg sona masoori rice, 2 kg tor dal, 1 kg sugar, 1 kg sunflower oil per month,one LPG charge per month is provided etc. HGML has also erected Dish Antennae on Campus for free Television viewing in residences and community centers and Rs.120/- per month as cable Television Allowance to those who are not residing in company's quarters, Banking, Postal and Co-operative Society facilities have been provided. Tournaments are organized from time to time.

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