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Hutti has also most modern hospital facilities with 120 bed capacity. The existing hospital at Hutti is equipped with modern infrastructures like AC operation theatre, I.C.U, ECG, X-ray, ultrasound scanner, defibrillator with cardiac monitor, auto-analyzer, lung function test in computer, blood bank, ventilator etc with 20 doctors composed of specialists & non specialist's alongwith 127 para medical staff.

HGML renders it yeomen services to the employees, their dependents and the public with efficiency and loving care. During the year 2008, the Company Hospital in co-ordination with the Government Medical Department organized various immunization programmes effectively. The Hospital conducts eye camps, health check up camps, blood donation camps etc. HGML hospital also organizes health camps in surrounding villages as a part of its objective to increase health awareness and also to take health services to the doorstep of people.

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