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Introduction: The Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited (HGML) as a corporate enterprise is environmentally conscious and committed to achieve its business goals through sustainable development / growth. The Corporate Environmental Policy of HGML also emphasizes on "conducting our operations in an environmentally concern manner, complying with applicable regulations and striving to go beyond". HGM recognizes its responsibility to continuously improve its energy efficiency and optimize resource consumption through various measures viz. improvement in process technology in the areas of raw materials, reuse/re-cycle of the by-products generated. HGML has been a pioneer in terms of environment management and in adoption of advanced eco-friendly technologies. The effective pollution abatement strategies are expected to satisfy the environment friendly, safe, technique in processing of gold ore. The department of Environment has taken adequate measures by adopting suitable monitoring measures along with adaptation of suitable technology to abatement of pollution which are likely to cause at various stages in the mining activities.

Environment Management Policy:

1.Compliance with all statutory requirements. 2.A continually improving environmental, social and economical excellence with safer working environment. 3.Openness, transparency and improved accountability through environmental performance by engaging with the community.

Cleaner technology:

Zero Discharge of processed water by adopting the cleaner technology has been possible by adopting the "3R"principle-Reduse, Recovery and Recycle. Cleaner technology is being practiced in the process by complete detoxification of the process waste by adopting recovery system which reduce the chemical consumption and complete recycling of the water to form an zero discharge there by significantly reducing the amount of hazardous substance (Cyanide) escaping to the environment recover utilization by recirculation of the process water, which play a significant role in achieving the Environment standards.

Steps for reuse / recycle of waste:

1.HGML has adopted various eco friendly techniques for reusing and recycling, 2.Recycling of the process water completely by ensuring zero discharge to environment. 3.Reusing of the treated water from the Oxidation pond for gardening & Afforestation activities. 4.Reclaiming of the cyanide used in the process and reused back in the process, thereby reducing the cyanide consumption. 5.Activated carbon in the recovery of gold by the surface adsorption process, the loaded activated carbon is stripped and reused, thereby reducing the raw material consumption. 6.The organic waste segregated from the community solid waste is being composed and used as manure for plants. 7.Solar heater has been installed to canteen to generate steam, which is used for cooking purpose. 8.Solar water heater is incorporated in the Guest house to supply hot water for bathing. 9.Solar emergency lighting system & 2 Nos CFL bulbs has provided at free of cost on replacement basis to all the officers houses (150 houses) to encourage the renewable and sustainable use of energy. 10.All colony street light are replaced with LED lighting.

Water & waste water management:

1.Treated drinking water is supplied to the colony and to the nearby villages such as Gurugunta, Kota, and Hutti Village. 2.Periodic monitoring of the quality of the ground water in and around the plant and dump site is being carried out. 3.The waste water generated in the colony completely collected through severs, treated and re-used for gardening and afforested areas. 4.The up gradation of the existing system to Activated sludge process as a combined Sewage Treatment Plant, to treat the Sewage generated from the colony, garage wash water & disinfected liquid waste from Hospital , is under process.

Tailing dump Management:

1.Formation of tailing dump: The tailings in the form of slurry is pumped to the earmarked site for impounding where it is allowed to dry under sun and consolidate to reduce the impact of leaching and water run-off. The decanted water is made to store in the catchments ponds/storage sump which pumped back to plant and reused in the process.
2.As per Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF) KSPCB/IBM/DDMS Guidelines, tailing dumps are being managed with all necessary safety and environmental concerned.
3.On and around the dump plantation has been carried out and Efforts are being made for vegetation of slope of the dump at one side.

Solid Waste management:

1.The complete management of Industrial and community waste as per the statutory norms. Community waste in the colony is being collected by door to door collection.
2.Segregation has been given the top priority.
3. 2 Acres of land is being used for handling the waste, where the solids are scientifically disposed as per the Solid Waste (Management &handling) Rules.
4.The process of establishment of Organic waste/food wste based 5 TPD Bio-Gas Plant.

Collection of wastes:

Collection of Wastes
1.We have a mechanism for door to door collection of waste from the staff/ labor colonies and labor sheds. The sanitary workers / sweepers have bullock cart with containers having ringing bell and will go for waste collection from individual house at a fixed time every day. The sanitary workers would ring the bells at the time of reaching the particular area/locality, giving a signal for waste collection to the residents.
2.In labour colonies also, the door-to-door collection of waste would be carried out. The containerized bullock carts are employed for collection of wastes. The labourers are strictly advised to store the wastes in available plastic containers of suitable size. The waste bins including community bins are to be cleaned daily by the sanitary workers at an informed timing.
3.During collection of wastes from the bins, care is taken to avoid waste spillage and it shall be the responsibility of the sanitary workers to clean & maintain hygienic conditions at the places where community bins are kept.

Waste Handling:

1.As per Municipal Solid Waste (Solid Waste Management & Handling) Rules, 2000; the manual handling of waste has to be avoided. As per the recommended system, the waste from their source of generation is either collected by sanitary workers during door-to-door collection from the colonies or from community bins.
2.The sanitary workers, after primary collection, will transport the waste to the storage depots from where is lifted by dumper placers and transported to the processing & disposal sites.
3.The community bins of size 0.5 m3 are lifted manually and unloaded into the containers kept in the transportation vehicles.
4.The sanitary workers involved in manual lifting are provided with gloves and masks and are instructed to use them compulsorily while handling waste. It will be the responsibility of the sanitary supervisors to monitor the proper use of personnel protective equipment by the workers.

Treatment & Disposal of Waste

1.With the implementation of source segregation and door-to-door collection system, processing of the waste would be easier.
2.The collected waste is transported to the waste disposal site for land filling


Resource conservation measures to move towards renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.The company has completed erection and commissioning of 9.3 MW Wind Mill along pooling station. Bay extension at KPTCL and transmission line. Power generation started from 23/01/08.This has generated 2, 18, 37,411 units and earned Rs 7.43 Crores of revenue during the financial year 2009-10. Work on additional 2.1MW Wind Turbine Generator Has been commissioned by which additional revenue of Rs:70 Lakhs per annum is expected.

Bio fuel

During the visit of the Executive Chairman, Karnataka State Bio fuel Development Board (KSBDB), and the Managing Director, KSBDB to Hutti on 16th November, 2011, discussions were held for the scope of HGML in becoming self-reliant with respect to energy by utilizing renewable sources i.e., bringing down the present diesel consumption which is 50000 Lts/month, by switching over the bio-fuels, (bio-diesel, bio-ethanol) over a period of time by establishing Bio-Fuel extraction plants at Hutti and taking up plantation in 150 acres of land available at Hutti Gold unit. 1.Nursery has been established by raising 20,000 bio fuel species , Hong- 15,000, Simeruba-2000,& Neem -3,000 2.Establishment of block plantation in an area of 20Ha is under process.
3.Carrying out Block plantations / gap plantations in the 20 Acres vacant lands available, with bio fuel species
4.Carrying out coir matting on the slopes of tailing dump is being carried out

Food waste based Bio-gas generation unit:

It is estimated that nearly 1000 kgs of organic waste/Kitchen waste is being generated daily in the 3000 houses in the colony at Hutti and around 250 kgs per day of food waste is being generated in the main and sub-canteens at Hutti and 1500 kgs of Slaughter waste is generated in and around the Hutti village .Considering the quantum organic waste generated there is scope of establishing 3 MT capacity bio-gas plant to generate bio-gas from these wastes, so that the dependency on LPG can be drastically reduced and further explore possibilities of providing alternative power (lighting) to the officer’s quarter of HGML. Therefore it is proposed to establish an industrial level bio gas unit with collaboration of KSBDB to not only produce power for the residential unit in Hutti, but also supply bio gas as an alternative fuel for cooking purposes in the canteens at Hutti.

TPD Food waste based Bio-gas plant at Hutti Gold Mine:

Kitchen waste based Bio-gas generation unit: 5 TPD Food waste based Bio-gas plant at Hutti Gold Mine Total project cost - 85 Lakhs Plant Successfully erected in Feb 2014 Plant is commissioned in March 2014

Biofuel Park:

The HGML has leased out 42 Acres of company's land at Thinthini Copper Project Yadgir Dist,Raichur for 30 years by tripartite agreement between The Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited, Karnataka State Biofuel Development Board (KSBDB)Bangalore and University of Agricultural Sciences, (UAS)Raicur for establishment of Biofuel Park.the agreement is made on 5th August 2013.

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