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Hira-Buddini Gold Mines Environment Reports
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1Enivronmental Clearance Click to Download!
2MoEF Report from Oct 2012-March 2013 Click to Download!
3MoEF Report from April 2013-Sept 2013 Click to Download!
4MoEF Report from Oct 2013-March 2014 Click to Download!
5MoEF Report from April 2014-Sept 2014 Click to Download!
6MoEF Report from Oct 2014-March 2015 Click to Download!
7MoEF Report from April 2015-Sept 2015 Click to Download!
8MoEF Report from Oct 2015-March 2016 Click to Download!
9MoEF Report from April 2016-Sept 2016 Click to Download!
10MoEF Report from Oct 2016-March 2017 Click to Download!
11MoEF Report from April 2017-Sept 2017 Click to Download!
12MoEF Report from Oct 2017- March 2018 Click to Download!

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