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Productivity with Safety has always become the motto of our work culture. In the recent past there has been tremendous improvement in safety standard which is evident from the accident statistics below. This has become possible with all out efforts by the management for creating safety awareness through vocational training, safety posters, safety slogans, safety talks, celebration of safety week, functioning of Pit Safety Committee. With persistent effort from the engineers and supervisory staff we have formulated and implemented the Safety Management Plan. Very recently review of our Safety Management Plan was conducted by a team of engineers constituted by the Director of Mines Safety, Bellary Region. Hutti Gold Mine is the first underground mine in the country to conduct this review

Hutti Gold Mine is equipped with a well established Rescue Room to cope up with any emergency situation in the mine. The Rescue Room was established in the month of November, 1975. Since then it has undergone the process of continuous upgradation. Now it is supported by 28 active rescue trained personnel and equipped with state of the art rescue equipments like Drager BG 174, Drager PSS BG 4 Plus, Fresh Air Blower Hose Apparatus, Reviving Apparatus, Oxygen Booster High Pressure Pump, Gas Testing Devices, Air & Temperature Measuring Instruments, Apparatus Testing Equipments, Fire Fighting Equipments, Communication & Signalling Equipments etc.

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