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Hutti Mine is the main Underground Gold Mine of the Hutti Gold Mine Company Limited.

Three shafts, namely Mallappa shaft, Central Shaft & Village shaft presently service the Hutti Mine under ground workings.

Both Mallappa & Central are Vertical shafts, with Rectangular Cross Section, while Village shaft is an incline with elliptical cross section.

Mallappa & Central are the Main intake shafts for Ventilation purposed and are proposed to be further deepened to develop additional are reserves for the second Phase of Mining from 26th Level.

Mallappa shaft

Mallappa shaft has a cross section of 6.1 m x 2.13 m at the surface and is the Main Production shaft currently handling about 80 % of the total production from Hutti underground.

Mallappa shaft is equipped with two winders both the winders cater up to 24th Level. One of the winder (New winder) is exclusively used for ore Hoisting and the other Winder (Old Winder) is used for Man and Material and hoisting of Ore and Waste Rock.

Central shaft

Central Shaft has a surface Cross Section of 3.76 m x 1.83 m and the shaft bottom is presently 30 mtrs (871.90 m depth) below 26th level.

Village shaft

Village Shaft is an inclined Shaft extending up to 15th level. With the completion of the top-level workings the utility of this shaft will be restricted to only pumping and lowering and hoisting of workmen.

Alternately, Village shaft may also be used as an intake airway by coursing the air from 15th level through a winze to 20th level and later up to 30th level.

The present system of 2nd outlet in Hutti Gold Mines has now become ineffective due to increase in the depth of workings and it is not now possible to remove the persons within the reasonable time in case of emergencies with the present system of man winding.

With depth increasing the time to lower and hoist men will be a major constraint with the present small capacity of the cage winder. Hence in order to have more working hours it is necessary to lower and raise more number of men at a time to the lower depth. This is possible only when a bigger winder with greater speed, bigger cage is made available.

It may be mentioned that below 30th L Mine Production may not be possible without the provision of this shaft due to man hoisting and ventilation constraints the adverse effect on production is likely to be felt even when the workings extend to 26th L.

None of the shafts mentioned above have sufficient opening to enable lowering of larger equipments. For example lowering the LHD recently at Mallappa shaft, some segments of the LHD had to cut before lowering and than re-welded in Underground.

Since both the Old Mallappa shaft and Central shaft winders are old it is better to have a New Winder to have failed safe system of winding.

In order to overcome all these aforesaid problems it is essential to sink a New shaft with larger cross section and equip with state of the are system.

Although the investment in the process would be high, but to mien the gold at depth with safety and productivity would give the return on investment.

Considering all the above facts, the proposed design and duty of the New shaft should mainly aim a the followings;

  1. Ability to lower and hoist about 100 men per trip.
  2. Capable of forcing the required quantity of fresh air for the purpose of ventilation.
  3. Capability to lower larger equipments.
  4. This would be the main outlet of the mine and Mallappa shaft acting as the 2nd outlet, since maintaining two outlets is a statutory consideration without which no mine can work.

With all this in consideration, Hutti Gold Mine rightly conceived the need of an alternative access and today we are proud to say that we have started sinking of a new vertical shaft of 6 m diameter and circular shape with proposed depth of 960 m. The ultimate depth of this shaft will be 1300 m.

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