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The Hutti Gold Mine is producing at an average of 1600 tons per day from the 1st Phase Mining upto 20thLevel. As the upper level reserve is depleting gradually it was planned to develop the bottom level reserves and maintain sustainable production in long run at a feed grade of 5 g/t.

To attain the targetted production, 2nd Phase Mining has started below 20th Level. Mallappa Shaft has been deepened up to 910.19 m depth with and necessary development to connect with New Shaft is under progress. Presently development works in 22nd, 24th and 26th level are in progress in all four reefs through Mallappa as well as Central Shaft. This also involves excavation of ore pass system, crusher chamber at 27th level, excavation for electrical sub-station at 26thlevel which has been planned and is being executed. All above activities will be completed well in advance before commissioning of the New Shaft.

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