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Renewable energy is an eco-friendly and sustainable source of energy and can contribute significantly to meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity.

Karnataka state is blessed with vast renewable sources and is a leader in development of renewable energy.

The Hutti Gold Mines is harvesting wind kinetic energy into electrical power for self-sufficiency with no carbon-emmission in chitradurga Gold unit,at Ingaladal village in Chitradurga Dist.

Wind farm is producing annually about three crores of clean energy units and exporting to state electricity grid at chitradurga. HGML Wind farm installed capacity

Sl No Year of installation Capacity Make Investment
1 2006 4.6MW VESTAS RRB 27.26
2 2008 4.5MW SUZLON 27.58
3 2011 2.1MW SUZLON 11.51

HGML is planning to install solar-power plant of capacity 12MW in hutti Unit

      Wind Mill Farm at Chitradurga

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